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7th-Mar-2012 07:59 pm - Edits to celticcherokee's scarves

You have been given an opportunity to have a movie made about your life. What actor/actress would play you? And what would the plot of the movie be?
Hmm... I was always told that I look just like the girl who played Michelle Scully on Neighbours.

I guess our faces are kinda similar, but she is nowhere near as pale as me, haha. She does have the Australian accent, so she wouldn't have to fake it and murder our accent like somebody else would. I don't know how she looks now, anyway - she could have lost a lot of weight (not like she needed to!) or had a bunch of surgeries, for all I know.

The plot would probably be about growing up with a single, struggling but well-meaning mum, my not-so-good relationship with my absent father, the struggling with bullying in high school and the anxiety issues that came from that, and finally, my current struggle with an undiagnosed stomach illness. I'd like to hope that the ending would be happy, that someday my anxiety issues will go away, and they'll find what's making me so sick and cure it, or at least control the symptoms. It would end with me getting off disability support, getting a job, marrying the man I love, him moving down here, getting a house with him and maybe having kids together.
27th-Feb-2012 07:49 pm - Scarves: Majisuka Gakuen
maeda ami
 "If you can't be serious, you can't win. Let's go... Rock 'n' roll!"

So, this is my first time making "scarves" for use on Livejournal, Tumblr and other sites! These are banners for fans of the AKB48 j-drama, Majisuka Gakuen. The scarves are for the title school, Majisuka Gakuen, and rival school, Yabakune Gakuen. It took a long time to make, and I kept making mistakes, so if you notice any that I didn't fix, I'd really appreciate it if you could let me know!

Got the idea to make these from using celticcherokee's own scarves. They're all koala tea - I like the Hogwarts ones in particular! <3

Feel free to edit these as you need, but please leave the link if you can, so other Majisuka Gakuen fans know where to find them :-)

[Majisuka Gakuen]

[Majisuka Gakuen]

[Yabakune Gakuen]

[Yabakune Gakuen]
6th-Feb-2012 01:25 pm - Moving in less than two weeks!
I've been running around like a headless chook, trying to get everything packed. I've chucked out soooo many clothes I've found that don't fit me any more, and torn up so many old notes I wrote while I was in school that I have no use for. I've kept old exams and school newsletters, and my invitation to the Year 10 Formal, but that's about it.

I can't wait until the 17th, when I'll get to leave this house and never come back. It's been awful here since day one. There's a drug rehabilitation centre just down the street, and across the road from us lives a man who used to go crazy an hurl abuse at the rest of us in the street all the time. At one point, he threatened to kill my dog. We also put a car seat (meant for a baby) out the front for someone to take if they wanted it... He took it, shit in it, then returned it to us the next day. Since then, he's been put on the right meds, now he smashes TVs in his front yard, and has become a hoarder. The front of his house is unbelievable... from the front door to the end of the path, just junk and broken glass and broken TVs. It's a hazard, and an eyesore, but it keeps him relatively calm.

Our rent inspector is a rude, obnoxious, self-important nightmare of a man whose visits are always spectacularly unpleasant. He makes me feel uncomfortable in my own house, and he always shows up at least an hour before he says he will - purposefully, to catch us off-guard and before we get to do any last-minute cleaning. "I had a cancellation, so I came early, if that's alright with you," he once said in the rudest tone as he pushed past us without us inviting him in.

Every time we ask for something to be fixed in this house, the rent goes up almost immediately, as if to punish us. Every time, without fail.

The house is also extremely old and damp. We've lost three TVs and a computer since we've moved here - the computer was only about a year old. We had black mould on the roofs, up until about two/three weeks ago. We'd begged the owner, almost all of last year, to do something about it, but the old bitch refused. Finally, one day in December last year, we got them to send a man over to inspect the house. I was very sick that day, sick and in pain to the point that all I could do was curl up in the fetal position, vomiting and sweating. The man got very concerned about me, enough to insist to the owner that something be done about the mould, and the dampness of the house. He said it's probably not the cause of my illness, as black mould tends to cause breathing/lung problems instead of stomach illnesses, but it certainly wouldn't be helping me get better.

I really cannot wait to get out of here. Yeah, I'm stressed as hell about moving, but mostly, I'm really excited. Maybe once I get out of here, I can start to heal - physically, and emotionally.
30th-Jan-2012 04:32 pm - I'm engaged!
maiko-i don&#39;t hate you
So, my boyfriend (now fiancé!) surprised me on the 15th of January by showing up for a two-week visit just in time for my birthday! Aaaand... he proposed! On the afternoon of my birthday (the 18th), he took me for a walk to the lake.

Picture taken on my phone. I wanted to remember what it looked like when and where I got proposed to by the love of my life .

We sat down on a bench, and Tom turned to me and said, "So... I have a question... would you like your third present now?" I said sure, and he reaches into his pocket and pulls out the box. "Well... I'll give this to you, but first, I have to ask you another question. Will you marry me?"

I'm pretty sure I knocked him over as I hugged him and said yes, yes I would most definitely marry him! He put the ring on my finger - a very beautiful, unique diamond-and-sapphire ring that belonged to his great aunt and proceeded to do a triumphant, Superman-like pose, haha :-p

The diamond was given to Tom's great aunt in 1929, and the sapphire and design was put in, I think in the fifties?

So, yeah :-) I'm getting married to the man who is absolutely perfect for me, and I couldn't possibly be happier!
31st-Dec-2011 12:10 pm - Since it's New Year's Eve...
... And it's been about six years since I last did this... I thought I'd bring back the "3 things from this year", from this post :-)

Three New Years Resolutions
1. Continue to try to find out what's making me so sick, despite certain doctors trying to stop me from doing so.
2. I've lost 20kg this year... And even though it's been done not through dieting and excercise, but because of this illness, I would like to continue to lose weight. About 10-15kg more would be perfect.
3. Move out of this awful, cold, no-air-con-having, black-mouldy house and horrible, dangerous, drug-rehab-down-the-road, violent-druggie-neighbour-having, too-close-to-the-worst-hospital-on-the-coast area.

Three best days of this year
1. Going to Sydney with Tom and pop, to Centrepoint Sydney Tower, and riding a ferry to Manly beach.
2. Going to the Australian Reptile Park with Tom.
3. Having a movie-date with Tom, to see Tron: Legacy, and then having dinner at Doylo.

Three things I learnt this year
1. The waiting times in Australian ERs are ridiculous (6+ hours being the average), and something must be done about this.
2. Doctors in Australia won't do all they can to help a person suffering.
3. In 250 million years into the future, the continents will shift in a way that would allow me to drive to Disney World! (Yes, I do plan on still being alive 250 million years later.)

Three things I did for the first time this year (and liked)
1. それは秘密です  Um... Gluten-free snacks! ...Yeah, I'll go with that.
2. Started watching: Misfits, Firefly, Skins, Community, Torchwood, The Sarah Jane Adventures, Mendol, Majisuka Gakuen, Q10, Pretty Little Liars and Once Upon A Time.
3. Online gaming! I'm now on DC Universe Online, Wizard 101, Lord Of The Rings Online, Pirates Online, Champions Online and City Of Heroes.
24th-Oct-2011 07:36 pm(no subject)

Sorry for going so long update-less! I got myself a Tumblr, and I guess I've been blogging a bit on that lately instead... Today, though... I dunno. I felt this was a blog post more suited to Livejournal.

I'm still sick - yes, still, from December, last year. I guess I've come to accept this is probably going to be a lifelong-thing. Well, no, actually... "accept" isn't really the right word. I'm more... acknowledging that this isn't going to go away any time soon. Still, I won't give up trying to find the cause of this evil mystery illness, and I won't give up trying to help myself.

I've decided to start seeing a hypnotherapist. I made the decision one day, after three days of absolutely no sleep or food, due to really bad nausea and vomiting and pain. I wanted a hypnotist to come over and help me get to sleep, because I felt that would be the only way I could actually get any sleep. However, turns out the hypnotists/hypnotherapists around here don't actually do house calls, and... well, the go to sleep thing isn't what they actually do. I... guess I've been watching too much TV, lol.

I had my first appointment with a nearby (1 hour drive) hypnotherapist last Wednesday. I was not hypnotised then - he wanted to use the first appointment to get to know me - things like my illness, my family and friends, love life, school life etc. Hopefully, hopefully, he will hypnotise me when I see him on Wednesday.

What am I hoping to get from these hypnotherapy sessions? Well... I guess I'm hoping he can heal me. I mean, I hear hypnotherapy can help with vomiting in cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy... so why not me? I guess it's a bit much to expect, but... I dunno. He says he can do it, so...

Other than that... if he can't stop the sickness altogether, I'd like him to help me cope better with this illness. As it is, right now, I am extremely depressed - entirely because of this illness. I go into a panic attack every time I get nauseous, and I think that probably makes the sickness even worse, stressing about it. Confession time... right now, even when I'm having "good" moments (I never have "good days"), or something makes me laugh, or I'm with people who make me happy... I think, is this worth it? Is the pain, the sickness, and the all around "bad" moments worth it, for these good ones, which are few and far in between?

And most of the time, the answer is no. It is not worth it.

Wow, that's such a depressing thought. I am NOT like this! I'M NOT.

I don't want to have those sorts of thoughts any more. I want to feel like it's worth it, like it's worth going through the pain and suffering so I can just live. I want to feel, even when I'm at my weakest, my sickest, my most painful, that it'll be worth it just to get through it. Can he do that? Can he re-program me to feel okay, even with this current situation?

I wish Wednesday would hurry up. He said it might take two, three, up to about six or eight sessions for me to feel better, and I want to start now. However, we don't have the money to see him more often than once a week. Gosh, don't I sound like that little bitch from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory? "Don't care how, I want it NOW." Haha. Of course, my situation is much different, but still.

Anyway... I'm going to try to post here more often. My tumblr is rawr-imabadger, just in case I forget to log back in here  and post again :-p

17th-Jul-2011 02:52 am - Writer's Block: Subtitles please
What is your favorite foreign film? Do you think there should be an American remake?

My favourite foreign film is "Fucking Åmål", aka "Show Me Love". It's a Swedish movie about a girl who is in love with Elin, the popular girl at her school. No, I do not think there should be an American remake, it's just fine as it is.
9th-Jul-2011 10:01 pm - Writer's Block: No. 1 hits
Which is your favorite classic Beatles’ song, and why?

"Hello Goodbye". It was my first favourite song ever. My mum had taped it right before the episode of Romper Room I appeared on when I was about four years old, and every time I went to watch it, I would hear that song first. Somehow, four-year-old me came to the conclusion that The Beatles were mates of my mum and dad, and that they had written and performed the song just for me, to congratulate me on being on Romper Room. Yeah, I don't even know how I came up with that. I was a weird child :-p
4th-Jul-2011 10:52 pm - Writer's Block: Let freedom ring
How do you celebrate Independence Day in your country?

We don't do anything in Australia. My boyfriend lives in the U.S, though, so he does celebrate Independence Day. Last year we both went on Second Life, to a sim called Wolf Mountain Ski Resort and watched the fireworks there. I'd like to do the same thing tomorrow if I'm not feeling too sick.
(I gotta say, I'm feeling kinda sorry for the person who asked this question. Yeah, it was a little bit ignorant, but certainly not worthy of all this hate o_O)
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