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So this is just a little space for me to put all my Zimbio quiz… 
28th-Jan-2014 05:04 pm
So this is just a little space for me to put all my Zimbio quiz result thingies.

Yus! One of my favourite characters <3

Aww yis, another favourite character! <3

Uhhh... Seriously didn't expect this one. Like, at all. No, really, I love Mulan, but of all of the Disney princesses, she's literally the last I thought I'd get.

Eeyup, pretty much :-)

I prefer Karen, but... yeah, I guess it makes sense that I got Gretchen instead of her.

Nooo! I'm Lisa Simpson, damn it! Worst. Quiz result. Ever.

Hanna's my favourite, but honestly, I didn't really think I'd get her. So I guess this result is accurate-ish? I don't really pay much attention to Aria, though - her relationship with Ezra grosses me out.

Just took this test like an hour ago and got Rumpelstiltskin, but now for some reason Belle? Weird - I'm sure I put down all the same answers. Not complaining AT ALL, though - she is my favourite.

Fuck yeah.

Not sure how I feel about this. When I was a Gleek, I didn't really like Quinn very much. I guess the description is kinda spot on for me, though.

Yeah, I'd have either been her or Leslie.

Yeah, sounds about right :-)

Yay, another favourite character :-D

Aaand another favourite character, hehe.

That's funny, 'cause in some parts of the internet I go by "Britta". I even get Community quotes thrown at me sometimes, lol.

Thought so, lol. My favourite character from this series is always changing, ever since I was a toddler and I had all the Raphael things. Currently, it's Donatello, so, yay.

YES! Elsa is my newest favourite Disney Princess, I even like her more than I like Snow White! Now, let's see if my bestie/sister-across-the-world gets Anna...

I... haven't actually seen this show yet. I'm still deciding if I want to or not, really... But I do play the Facebook game. I chose Stark there 'cause the description seemed good, so, hey, good to know I picked the right one, I guess?

DEFINITELY didn't see this one coming. Like, aside from Amy Pond and Cara/Carla/Whatever, I thought I'd get anyone else. I like Captain Jack Harkness, I just don't think I'm anything like him.


That's funny... every time I've taken a Friends Character quiz these days, I'll get either Rachel or Joey... those are the two characters I think I'm the least like, actually. I thought I'd get Phoebe, Monica, or Chandler.

I wanted Yoshiiii... I'm pretty sure Yoshi was one of my very first favourite characters. But, yeah, a Boo... kinda makes sense, for me.

Hmm... Iunno. I don't really know how I got this result. I don't think I'm much like Jim...

YES! Heh, I've been waiting for them to do a Hogwarts House quiz, and I couldn't be happier with my result <3

I love Piglet! Piglet, and Eeyore, are my favourite Winnie The Pooh characters :-)

Yeah, sounds right.

Yup! :-D Happy with this result.

Hmm... I guess so? I like her, so I'm okay with this - I thought it'd be either FP or Marceline... and the description sounds a lot like me, especially the last part.

Of course! <3 Tweety was my favourite Looney Tunes character growing up (well, when Space Jam came out he was tied for first with Lola Bunny). I even had a little Tweety toy, which I took with me everywhere - I was devastated when my teacher confiscated him once in school 'cause I was so distracted by him in class.

Hmm... I feel like District 3 suits me more than "my district" (6, by the way), but I'm sticking to the district my official ID says I belong in.

Myeh. Thought I'd get Chloe. Well... that description does sound spot-on, so...

Interesting... That's the zodiac sign of one of my (three) best friends. It kinda sounds like me... For the record, I'm a Capricorn.

Sporty Spice was my favourite during most of the time the Spice Girl's were super-popular, solely based on the fact that her long dark hair and style was just like mine. But after I read All Things Spice, Posh soon became my favourite.

Yay! Jessi Ramsey and Dawn Shafer were, and still are, my faves. So, of course, they're two of the characters that got screwed over bigtime. Yay :-/

I found this... thing, somewhere online, that said you can find out who you were in your past life by finding the Wikipedia entry of someone who died on the day you were born. I got a guy named Bruce Chatwin, who had quite a few similarities to me. I thought that was pretty interesting, though I don't think it's much more than a coincidence, really.

RAVEN! <3 She's my favourite character EVER, so I was super happy to get this result!

100% true. One of my favourite movies, too.

My kid-self would be pleased, though I don't really remember why I liked Yellow Ranger so much. It's been a really, really long time...

Cool cool. I still say I'm an Earthbender, though :-p

Yay! Sailor Mercury's my favourite.

I've never been to any of the Disney parks, but I dream of going to one someday :-) It's A Small World is one of my definitely-must-see rides.

Fav starter Pokemon <3

Hmm nah thanks. I already spend my life dealing with being sick myself, I really don't wanna live in a magical world and spend most of my time facing sickness and pain all the time.

I've always said I was a geek, not a nerd - and here's proof... from a quiz I took online ;-)

Yep! Grew up in the 90's and early 00's. I had to guess on a few questions though, 'cause the quiz was super US-centric. I <3 Zimbio, but they seriously need to work on being better when it comes to that, 'cause it's quite irritating, to be honest...

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