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Tom came back for a visit a couple weeks ago... 
26th-Aug-2012 08:00 pm
maiko-i don't hate you
It was the shortest amount of time he's stayed here for - a little over a week. His plane from San Diego to Sydney was delayed by a day, so he and hundreds of other Sydney-bound travellers had to stay at the airport until the next one came. They didn't even get a hotel for Tom to stay in for the night! I was REALLY pissed off when I heard that. They gave him - and the other passengers - food vouchers so they could get something to eat... food vouchers that weren't valid in most of the shops!

I honestly don't know how Tom could stand it. I know I'm a wreck when I haven't slept for more than a day, or if I've had to wait at the E.R. for up to ten hours. I couldn't stand going from one plane ride, to finding out I'd have to wait a whole day for my flight, then not having a proper meal, then finally going on a plane to another country. I don't think I could have even done that when I was healthy!

(By the way, just to let you all know, the airline was called United Airlines, and Tom says he's never buying a flight from them again.)

We booked a shuttle bus for him, 'cause my pop's on holidays in Queensland and my nan can't drive to Sydney. The plane arrived in Sydney an hour later than it was supposed to - on top of the whole 24 HOURS - and Tom almost missed the shuttle bus. But they waited for him, thankfully, and he arrived at my house around midday on the 4th.

I was very sick this time around, so we didn't get to go to all the places and take a whole album worth of photos. Honestly, I was kinda stressed about this... I knew people were expecting a bunch of photos, and despite me telling certain people that I wasn't feeling so well this time, people kept telling me to take Tom to all these different places. We did go to see two movies, and we went down to the lake at the bottom of my street a couple times too. I tried to go shopping with Tom one day, I knew I wasn't up to it, but I pushed myself and that turned out to be a very stupid thing to do - I had to stop in the middle of the shopping centre and we had to turn back and look for nan's car in the freezing cold, while I felt like I was going to pass out.

Still, Tom insisted that he was totally fine just staying at home in bed and watching Stargate SG-1 with me. I believed him, too, but I felt like I was letting everybody else down. I also kept thinking about what Tom went through to get here, with the plane being delayed and how much the ticket cost. I dunno. I feel like such a failure, but I'm really glad I've found someone who understands that I'm sick and sometimes can't do things. I just wish everyone else understood that.

We're not sure when will be coming back. Hopefully he'll be back for Christmas. If he arrives a few days before Christmas day, I'd really like to go see the Christmas lights at the Hunter Valley Gardens with him :-)
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